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For people who are not very familiar with the world of professional football or fans who have never been interested in knowing a little more, football transfers can be a bit overwhelming. Tens of millions of euros, dollars or pounds go from one club to another, and many wonder who is involved, how is the distribution of money, and what is the role of all those involved. Here we tell you.

See how Neymar leaves FC Barcelona for PSG with a payment of more than 200 million euros, how the Catalan giant itself tries to replace the Brazilian star by paying big money, or that the most powerful clubs in the English Premier League make heavy investments to strengthening their squads every year can be confusing for those who do not have a broad understanding of how the world football economy works. It is not for nothing that football transfers are important news every year.

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Transfers are only part of the equation to have a footballer as part of a club. The club's contracts with the player are a negotiation that involves not only the monthly or annual salary but also other items such as image rights (so that the club can exploit the image of the player in advertising agreements) and bonuses for objectives. Also, the duration of the agreement and a buyout or release clause in case another club wants to acquire their services.

Parties involved in a footballer transfer

As we can see, a football transfer at a national or international level has many aspects to consider and can rarely be resolved overnight. There are several parties involved and, in many cases, these parties have different interests or objectives, so it is normal for there to be clashes or disagreements in the search for a definitive agreement. In any case, we are talking about negotiation and there will be a tug of war.

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